Baby Bum Shower vs Hand Sanitiser


At Baby Bum Shower we are all about clean, easy, and sustainable, it’s what we strive for and we want to share it with you!

In a world where hand sanitiser is King (or Queen), it’s hard to see anything else as an option when it comes to cleaning your hands on the go, but let’s break this down. 

Unlike your Baby Bum Shower your handy little bottled sanitiser’s shelf life has no longevity. When we take a look at our alcohol based sanitisers it starts to get a little chemical, the product is alcohol based (and not the fun kind), stripping your skin of its natural oils, causing cracking and drying that can offer germs an entry point below your skin barrier causing infection.

That’s why the Baby Bum Shower is such a god send! Not only is it easy, clean AND sustainable, but it’s safe emollient cleanser cleans off all debris (we won’t get into it but you can imagine), and safely sanitises your hands while not creating landfill, or hurting your natural skin barrier.

When it comes to which one we would rather use in a tight spot, The Baby Bum Shower offers an opportunity, to deep clean your hands with a safe cleanser and water. The Baby Bum Shower is extremely durable, and can take whatever life can throw at it, unlike your hand sanitiser that normally only lasts a month at best!

Take a look at the video on our website, to see how The Baby Bum Shower works, and how it is your new on the go cleaning staple.