Baby Skincare 101

We all may be a little biased and think our baby smells great/the greatest, but ALL baby’s skin is created equal in our eyes when it comes to their needs. Babies are perfectly squishy but with that squishy exterior comes some sensitive skin that can sometimes be a juggle, but we are here to help you keep your babies skin free of irritation with some simple steps!

Keeping the bath JUST RIGHT

Before we settle in for our bedtime story, we run a bath for our bub making sure they are nice and clean from the day's adventures. Creating the perfect bath temperature is important in maintaining our baby's skin's natural state, and not allowing our precious bubs to dry out which can create skin issues such as irritation and flaking. Due to the delicate nature of their skin bathing too frequently or too long can really irritate their little bodies (poor things!). A 5-10 minute bath is MORE than enough for our little bubs to be clean, fresh, and most importantly safe, now if you want us to get technical 37 degrees is a good starting point, warm but not hot. HOT TIP If the thought of bending over a bathtub to bathe the babe sounds like pulling teeth (we have all been there) Baby Bum Shower is a great alternative and can be used as a quick ‘bird bath solution’.

Soap is a no-no

Most soaps are filled with irritants, that can cause all those awful things we want to avoid for our babies, so it’s best to just AVOID. Grab your baby friendly alternatives such as a gentle pH-neutral cleanser (much like the ones we recommend to use in the BBS). These gentle cleansers will clean your babies skin and also nurture it at the same time (win win).

As we like to air on the side of caution make sure that you patch test your new cleanser first. You can patch test the area by putting the product on a small area of your baby's skin and waiting a day to see if there is a reaction. Just like us babies are cut from different cloths so we need to make sure that each product we choose is safe for OUR bub.

Stitches that don’t itch

We want those cute insta snaps just like every other mother who is obsessed with the cuteness that is her baby (don’t look at our camera roll) but making sure what we put our baby in from day to night is safe and soft is of definite importance. From towels to clothes, soft is best, and make sure to leave a little wiggly room, because tight clothes can create rashes and no one enjoys those. And last but not least baby friendly detergent, your best friend when it comes to washing everyday (cough cough three times a day) for your beautiful baby, and the never ending cycle that is laundry.