Essential Items to Pack for Travel with an Infant or Toddler

Have you got your infant’s passport sorted and ready
to head on that well-deserved holiday?

As parents, we understand that travelling with an infant can be stressful,
specially on long-haul flights.

There are must have items you need to add to your carry-on luggage
to ensure you and your bub are comfortable:


1. The Baby Bum Shower

Cleaning dirty nappies whilst travelling abroad just became easier than ever! We like to think of the Baby Bum Shower as a portable shower. It is versatile and can be used for any messy situation. We recommend carrying an extra one for sticky hands and grubby faces.

Ever wished you could have a quick shower mid-flight? With the Baby Bum Shower in your baby bag, you can! Fill it up with water and soap and you will be feeling fresh and revived in seconds.

2. Travel Change Mat

Carrying one of these in your bag with the Baby Bum Shower, means you can change an infant or toddler anywhere.

The Baby Gear Easy Carry Change Mat is affordable and folds so it can be placed into your baby bag. We recommended investing in a user-friendly mat that can be wiped down and kept dry after each use. It also has pockets so you can access fresh nappies on demand without having them swimming around in your nappy bag. Easy-Peasy!

3. Travel Stroller

Do yourself a favour and take a small travel stroller like the Trip Stroller into the terminal with you. There is nothing more stressful than having an overstimulated toddler screaming on the floor of the waiting room to get onto the plane (yes, it has happened to both of us.) Our solution- Place your little one into the travel stroller and take them on long walks to explore the shops and watch the planes fly in.

If you’re lucky they may even fall asleep with the movement. Let the staff at the check in gate know you have your travel stroller with you and they will place it on the plane for you when you are ready to board!

4. Car Seat

Few people know this, but you can take a compatible car seat onto the plane with you. You will need to purchase a seat for your infant or toddler, order a child’s meal and notify the airline of the make and model of your car seat when your purchase your ticket. The car seat is easy to install onto the plane.

With the familiarity and comfort of the car seat, this will provide you with the space to enjoy your meal. Fingers crossed, you will be able to enjoy a movie in peace as your child falls asleep.

5. First Aid Kit

This is a must have for any parent travelling with children. Having an infant on a long-haul flight with a fever is any parent’s nightmare. Make sure you pack age appropriate supplies to deal with these unexpected situations. We suggest discussing travel medications with your doctor or local pharmacist.

You can also purchase a St. John’s Baby First Aid Kit which is a detachable baby change mat and First Aid Kit in one. Very convenient!

6. Earphones

Safe Volume Earphones for your toddler to listen to their favourite music, audio books or favourite tv show (yes, we are allowing screen time on the long-haul flight).

These are going to become your best friend during your flight as they are the gateway to entertainment and distraction. They can also be used on long car rides during your holiday.

7. The Very Busy Bag

These are popular and for good reason. The Very Busy
Bag has a range of goodies packed and ready to go to keep toddlers busy. Designed for travel, your child won’t be disappointed.

Our biggest tip is to give your toddler the bag on the plane. The excitement will be just like opening presents at Christmas time and will keep them distracted for ages!

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