How to hygienically change a nappy on the go - without wipes!

Baby Bum Shower is a new product that is an essential addition to your baby bag. It means you can clean your little one’s bum when you’re on the go, without using wipes. None of us wants to be caught out when our little ones find themselves in a messy situation!

Have you ever been out of the house and felt that awful sinking feeling when your baby is crying because they have a dirty nappy? You want to act quickly to stop their distress, so you get out the wipes to clean them up, but then they are so full you get poop on your hands. Yuck!

Baby Bum Shower is the latest product from Skin Health Science, and founder Jess Whalley. A registered nurse for eleven years and a mother of two, Whalley was determined to find an easy to use, environmentally friendly solution. Faced with changing her niece’s dirty nappy in the back of her car, she realised that there was no way to effectively clean baby bottoms without the use of many wipes, which is just wasteful, and there was no way to easily wash her hands properly afterwards.

Looking a little bit like a soft silicone ‘smurf hat’, Baby Bum Shower fits in the palm of your hand. If you apply gentle pressure you create a soft spray of soap and water, which can be controlled by you. It’s easy, it doesn’t create an environmental hazard and it’s a natural way to get baby’s bum clean. It is a shower on the go!

Australian made and owned, Baby Bum Shower was created because of the need for us to improve our hygiene standards, whilst not harming the environment. 130 million babies are born each year, requiring a minimum of 6 nappy changes a day. That means a minimum of 6 wipes per child per day will be used to clean our babies' bottoms (and we all know it’s unlikely that we will just use one wipe per change!). Over a year that’s 2,190 wipes, and globally 2.8 billion wipes that just go straight into landfill and pollute our environment.

That brings us to the next factor - cleanliness. “Hand washing reduces episodes of diarrhoea by 30% in both facilities and the community. Diarrhoea contributes to 1.8 million deaths around the world every year, especially amongst children under 5 years of age*.” Poor hygiene directly contributes to these statistics.

Baby Bum Shower is an innovative ergonomic device designed to efficiently clean babies’ bottoms on the go, by giving access to soap and water for anyone, anywhere, anytime. For parents who need to change their babies’ nappies, whether at home or on holidays, Baby Bum Shower allows you to have full confidence in your daily hygiene, environmental waste is reduced and of course, this saves money!” says Whalley.

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