Hygiene is key

When it comes to our babies the standard of hygiene that we strive for is paramount. Nothing is more important than making sure that our precious children are comfortable and happy as they grow up.

Issues of infection for both us and our babies are a high possibility when we aren’t using best hygiene practices, that’s where products such as the Baby Bum Shower come in, they can help eradicate these occurrences, PHEW!

With the possibility of contamination from changing nappies without proper hand hygiene, there's a chance of infections such as diarrhoea.

And that's just our health when changing nappies!

For our children there poses a threat to skin irritations such as dermatitis if the area is not properly cleaned during the changing process, which we can’t always guarantee when we are out in the big world with our bub and our nappy bag holding maybe only a few baby wipes.

Diaper dermatitis happens to about 50-65% of babies throughout their time in nappies, so prevention is key! Using products like the Baby Bum Shower that has your chosen a neutral pH balanced emollient based wash within it to effectively clean your baby's skin but also yours, is a key step to keeping hygiene standards high. 

The Baby Bum Shower effectively makes all hygiene issues a thing of the past!