Keeping your nappy bag green

If we stop to think about all the unnecessary waste that we accumulate when we use unsustainable baby products such as baby wipes etc not to mention that we used to even flush these down the toilet (yikes!) it can start to make you feel a little concerned.

When trying to make the move to more sustainable items for our future and for our special ones, sometimes the little steps that can be taken impact our lives and the lives of those around us exponentially.

Sustainable products like the Baby Bum Shower are shining beacons of hope in this ever changing climate as we aim to all be more sustainable. With the average child needing about 6 wipes per day, saying see yah to these products not only saves the environment, it also saves your wallet.

With the Baby Bum Shower there is no need to use any wet wipes and no need to dispose of dirty wet wipes (which is a definite win if you’re a mum on the go). These kinds of sustainable products are a win win for mothers and mother nature alike.