Make Baby Outings Easy: Our Nappy Bag Checklist

Every parent knows that leaving the house with a baby is an ordeal. Little ones always keep us on our toes, so you need to make sure you have everything they could possibly need with you.

This can all be really overwhelming, particularly to new parents, so here is our nappy bag checklist to make your life a little bit easier:

1. Nappies, of course

Whether you choose to use cloth nappies, or disposable ones, they’re a non-negotiable necessity. You never know when a surprise nappy change is in the cards.

2. The Baby Bum Shower!

Ditch the nappy wipes - the BBS is the perfect solution to clean your baby to the highest hygiene standard without the mess of nappy wipes. Not only does it save space in your already overloaded nappy bag, but it’s sustainable and contains enough solutions for up to 10 nappy changes! Talk about a game changer.

3. Storage bags

Make sure to pack a few compostable or reused plastic bags to put dirty nappies in before they can be thrown away. This is also great in situations where dirty clothes, shoes or toys are also involved…

4. Spare change of clothes

As mentioned above, clothes can get messy in these situations, so it’s always handy to have some extra clothes in your nappy bag!

5. A changing mat

You never know when or where you will need to change your baby’s nappy, which is why it’s important to always have a changing mat with you. This will make you and your baby more comfortable.

6. A hat and sunscreen

To protect your little one’s super sensitive skin from the harsh sun.

7. A spare dummy

For when a not-so-happy baby spits their dummy on the floor of the shopping centre, and you have nowhere to clean it for when they want it again in the next 5 minutes.

8. Baby food

Whether your baby is being bottle fed, or has moved on to solids, it’s crucial to have some snacks ready to avoid a hangry baby.