Taking time for you - Self-care Mummy Tips we know you need!


Being a mum is a full time job (and then some), so taking time for yourself normally drops further and further down your to do list as the days go on. Self-care as we have learnt throughout 2020 can sometimes be the difference between a stressful day, and a day where you take 10 minutes for yourself, to turn your outlook for the rest of the day a little bit brighter and even a little more, dare we say calm?!

Let’s start with some easy ones that you can do at home while bub is occupied for a moment?

  1. Do a quick 5 minute meditation using a Youtube video or an app like Calm or Headspace, these mindful minutes are true life savers!
  2. Journaling a quick sentence or even starting a gratitude journal and jotting down three things that you a grateful for in that moment can really make you look at your world differently 
  3. Get down and stretch! Use Youtube, or go freestyle (don’t hurt yourself though) to move your body and stretch. Improving blood flow, reducing muscle fatigue, and giving you time to reflect. Win Win.

All our micro self-care tips are great for your day to day routine, that will help keep you in great mental and also physical health.

Now if you have some time to yourself to go on a self-care adventure (we know not likely but let’s dream), why not take yourself out for a coffee, and meet a friend, or go to a yoga class. Even taking some time for the O.G self-care acts of a relaxing massage or even a manicure/pedicure, these little acts of self-care make a huge difference when we look after ourselves, we look after our family.

We are an example for our children, so why not be a good one! Creating a self-care routine, will show our children how to look after themselves in stressful situations, and that taking time for themselves isn’t selfish, which in our fast paced world is invaluable!