The BBS aims to improve effectiveness and efficiency of the nappy/pad changing process in turn working to reduce Diaper dermatitis, of which 50-65% of will suffer at some time ytavi & Kanti, 2018).

“it is recommended to change diapers frequently, use superabsorbent, and breathable diapers, cleanse gently, and apply protective emollients” (Blume-Peytavi & Kanti, 2018).

What is the purpose of the Baby Bum Shower?

The BBS is a small, hand-held device that delivers soap and water whenever it's needed.  It is activated by a simple squeeze of the bottle making it simple and easy to use in the messiest of situations.  It holds enough solution to clean up to 10 wet nappy changes or dirty hands while taking up minimal space.

 As registered, practising nurses and mothers,  the BBS founding team have a strong understanding of the importance of hygiene. Upon examining general parental nursery practices, it became apparent that there were many opportunities to do better as:

  • 1. Soap (emollient based, non-rinse) and water were often excluded from the process.
  • 2. Some products used contain potential skin irritants. Alcohol hand gels don’t remove residue.
  • 3. Some products used were not suitable for sensitive skin.
  • 4. Effectively cleaning hard to reach areas was often difficult.
  • 5. Some products were inadequate in cleaning up the dreaded explosion!, this requires water.
  • 6. There is no option to wash your hands after changing a nappy, when out and about. Some public toilets, don’t always have a hand wash available. 

 According to one study, “Hand washing reduces diarrhoea episodes by 30%".¹ Poor hygiene both in the cleaning process of changing nappies and long term hand hygiene habits directly contribute to these statistics(Ejemot-Nwadiaro, Ehiri, Arikpo, Meremikwu, & Critchley, 2015).

 It has been recommended by industry professionals to “use gentle and no scented soap and water to clean the diaper area, paying special attention to the folds" (Brucker, McGuire, Merrill, Rossing, & Sayaseng, 2015).

How to start using your device?

  1. Just unscrew the lid (at the bottom of the device) and fill the device with water.
  2. Choose a neutral pH balanced emollient based wash. What you use during bath time, should be used. Follow the chosen manufacturers guidelines for dilution ratio.
  3. Screw the lid back on.
  4. Undo the Nappy/Diaper, but leave insitu
  5. Ensure the The silicone 'smurf hat' nests between your thumb and finger, allowing for full comfort and control as you juggle your tricky situation.
  6. Gentle pressure on the 'smurf hat' emits a soft squirt, over the area being cleaned with any residue washing into the wet/dirty nappy.
  7. For wet nappies/pads, rinse the entire area in contact with urine, and remove the wet nappy/pad, and replace with clean nappy/pad. You can pat dry the area gently or air dry. Air drying is the recommended strategy if able. Ensuring the nappy/pad is securely fit and placed into creases, the area air dries efficiently ensuring no area is left moist.
  8. Dirty nappies, the soft squirt, works to help soften/remove residue first, into the dirty nappy. Approx 2-3 wipes are then used to remove thicker components into the nappy. To finish off with further spray over the area to ensure thoroughly clean. Remove and air dry, with correct placement of new nappy/pad as point 7.
  9. It is recommend a barrier cream be applied at every nappy change to assist in maintaining skin barrier function.

 Literature compares numerous methods of cleansing practices with more required to guide practice. Data does suggest that Baby wipes don’t harm the skin barrier maturation, however continuous wiping can disrupt barrier function.

 Wipes are limited in that they have the potential to “provide an ideal environment for microbial growth, so they should contain appropriate, well-tolerated preservatives” (Blume-Peytavi & Kanti, 2018). This could be an issue for ‘allergic contact dermatitis’, sufferers.

 Having the ability to choose your solution, helps to address this. 

Where do I use the Baby Bum Shower?

 The Baby Bum Shower is portable so can be used anywhere, anytime. We suggest having one sit in the Lounge room, baby room/change table, and nappy bag for convenience. 

How is the Baby Bum Shower non-leak?

The unique lid has an extra turn ability, that upon continuous turning after closing a second closure occurs over the water valve. To open, gentle downward pressure on turning in the alternate direction will see the water valve visible and ready for use. 

How can I increase comfort for my baby?

We suggest filling the devcie with warm water prior to use to ensure your baby doesnt feel the cold sensation often felt with wipes. Ensure the water is tested on your hand prior to application to your babies skin. 

Storing my Baby Bum Shower?

Store covered overnight or in a warm environment so the remaining solution stays room temperature, ready for use at the next nappy change.

How many changes will one fill of the Baby Bum Shower cover?

This will vary slightly depending on WET v DIRTY nappy changes for the day. The Baby Bum Shower holds approx 100mls, and covers approximately 10 nappy changes, depending on the amount of water emitted during each change.