How to Use the Baby Bum Shower


Just twist the lid (at the bottom of the device) and fill the device with water.


Choose a neutral pH balanced emollient based wash. What you use during bath time, should be used in your Baby Bum Shower. Follow the chosen manufacturers guidelines for dilution ratio. 


Twist the lid back on.


Undo the wet/soiled Nappy/Pad, and expose the area to be cleaned, without removing the nappy/pad.


Ensure the The silicone 'smurf hat' nests between your thumb and finger, allowing for full comfort and control as you juggle your tricky situation.


Apply gentle pressure on the 'smurf hat' to emit a soft squirt, over the area being cleaned. Any residue will wash into the wet/soiled nappy/pad.


For wet nappies/pads, rinse the entire area in contact with urine, and remove the wet nappy/pad. Replace with clean nappy/pad. You can pat dry the area gently or air dry. Air drying is the recommended strategy if able. Ensuring the nappy/pad is securely fit and placed into creases, the area air dries efficiently ensuring no area is left moist.


For soiled nappies/pads, the soft squirt, works to help soften/remove residue first, into the soiled nappy/pad. Approx 2-3 wipes are then used to remove thicker particles into the nappy/pad. To finish off-further spray over the area to ensure thoroughly clean. Remove and air dry, with correct placement of new nappy/pad as point 7.


It is recommend a barrier cream be applied at every nappy change to assist in maintaining skin barrier function.